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Founder and CEO

Jamil Albezreh

Our Believe:

Go Food was founded upon the belief that everyone deserves access to high quality essential foods. The message from CEO is:

It quickly became apparent that foodstuff traders were a vital part of helping us reach vast numbers of people all around the world. From there our mission was born – to simplify the entire exporting process for traders, to grant them access to the very best in essential foods, and to help them export these goods to consumers across the world.


Our quest to provide the best exporting experience has greatly influenced our selection of goods, the location of our Head Office and even the packaging of our products.  Situated in the heart of Dubai, we are strategically located in the  global trading hub of the world. As a result we offer our clients unparalleled access to time and cost effective logistics, and the most efficient distribution channels.

Our extensive reach has greatly influenced our selection of essential foods. Today we offer a carefully sourced selection of the finest quality sugars, oils, milk powder, rice and dairy from across the globe. From moisture-resistant to air tight containers we make sure our goods arrive at the most distant destination in the same pristine condition in which we sent it.       

Specialist Exporters to Central Africa

Having experienced a growing demand within Central Africa, we have placed special emphasis on understanding the region's unique challenges and opportunities. Our flagship showroom and warehouse in Chad lets customers physically inspect our products first hand, ensuring every purchase is made with complete confidence. From complex import regulations to robust supply chain networks, we at Go Food are dedicated to bringing the worlds best foodstuff to Central Africa.

UAE’s Premier Worldwide Exporter

Having set out to deliver high quality essential foods to all corners of the world, today, we’re proud to say that when you choose Go Food, you can choose with confidence – from the highest quality products, at the most competitive prices, delivered anywhere in the world.

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    Office 3801, Armada 2 Tower Cluster P, JLT, Dubai