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Refined top quality granulated sugar in a bag with sugar cane leaves
Sugar Product

Go Food’s Premium Refined Granulated Sugar

The type most often sold directly to customers, Go Food’s Refined Granulated Sugar is seen the world over in the form of sachets, sugar cubes and bags of sugar.

Our Refined Granulated Sugar boasts an ICUMSA 45 rating, a grade only attained by sugar of the highest purity. 

Refined to perfection from high quality sugar cane, our product is prized for its fine texture and neutral flavor.

Versatile in its applications and packaged to maintain a long shelf life, our refined granulated sugar is the perfect choice for exporting to a global market.

Main Features of Go Food’s Refined Granulated Sugar:

  • Pure Quality
  • Rich Texture
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Versatility

The World’s Most Reliable Sugar Exporters

Worldwide Expertise

  • Operating out of the UAE, Go Food is strategically situated in the premier global trading hub of the world. 

  • Our location enables us to carry out numerous successful wholesale and export operations of high quality sugar worldwide.

  • Partner with us and gain unmatched access to streamlined logistics and highly efficient distribution channels across the globe.


Specialist Exporters to Central Africa

  • With an extensive network of connections and partnership we are UAE’s premier specialists on wholesale and export trading to Central Africa.

  • We have long prioritized understanding the region’s unique challenges and opportunities.

  • From navigating complex import regulations to utilizing robust supply chain networks, we are specialists in exporting high quality sugar to Central Africa.

Why Choose Go Food’s Refined Granulated Sugar?

Benefits of Refined Granulated Sugar

Renowned for its versatility and widespread demand, refined granulated sugar has long been a staple in the culinary industry. 

Its fine texture seamlessly blends into a diverse range of recipes – from baked goods to beverages – making it a vital ingredient across a wide range of industries. 

Convenience, trouble-free storage and ease of use, have made it the sweetener of choice by both professionals and everyday consumers alike.

A long shelf life and broad consumer appeal further cements its reputation as the ideal sweetener for international foodstuff trading.

With standardized quality testing, refined granulated sugar guarantees food safety and compliance with international trade regulations, making sure every purchase is made with confidence and peace of mind. 

Premium Quality

  • Rated ICUMSA 45, our refined granulated sugar undergoes a rigorous refining process that guarantees the highest levels of purity. 

  • We guarantee top quality raw materials by partnering with manufacturers who only utilize the finest quality sugar cane during production.

  • Each delivery is dispatched with utmost confidence, ensuring only the very best reaches our customers.

Versatile Usage

  • Our refined granulated sugar is a versatile ingredient that seamlessly blends into to a diverse range of culinary applications. 

  • From baking to beverages it enhances the taste of both sweet and savoury recipes, while commonly being used as a preservative to extend the shelf life of fruits and jams.

  • Whether it’s as cubes, sachets or bags, our refined granulated sugar still stands as one of our many global bestsellers.

Rich Texture

  • Prized for its fine texture and neutral flavour, our refined granulated sugar seamlessly blends into a wide range of recipes.

  • Thanks to its high dissolvability, it sweetens both, dishes and beverages seamlessly, leaving behind no trace of its grainy white crystals.

Versatile Usage

  • We crafted Hedil to complement a wide range of dishes and beverages.
  • From creamy sauces to exquisite desserts, our instant milk powder can transform the simplest culinary creation into a remarkable dining experience.

Long Shelf Life

  • Renowned for its exceptional taste, our sugar also features a long shelf life.

  • Carefully packaged with moist-resistant material, it ensures stress free exporting and lets you stock up without fears of spoiling.

  • It has long been the reliable choice for businesses and households worldwide.

Our Most Popular Product

Hedil Instant Milk Powder - Go Food’s Own Brand of Rich and Creamy, Premium Quality Milk Powder

Free of Preservatives

Free of Preservatives

A pure, preservative-free formula that prioritizes wellness.
Enriched Nutrients

Enriched Nutrients

A calcium and vitamin-rich blend to boost vitality.
Free Range Farms

Free Range Farms

Nutrient-rich and sustainably sourced.
one of the best foods products of go food trading is hedil instant milk powder
Extended Shelf Life

Extended Shelf Life

To maximize convenience, and peace of mind.
Versatile Usage

Versatile Usage

Crafted to complement a wide range of cuisines and beverages.
Durable Packaging

Durable Packaging

Export anywhere in the world with complete confidence.
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